The† Italia - Australia Association† offers advise to members† when contacting Italian† consular offices† in Australia regarding visas.

Live Work and Play in Italy

The Experts of the Italia-Australia Association are Italian  immigration consultant that specializes in representing applicants from all over Australia  wishing to immigrate to Italy. They specialize in providing online applications for Italian  immigration and Italian visas. Follow the link for a free immediate visa  assessment.

Each client can expect high quality service and representation, uniquely addressing their personal migration circumstances. Additionally, our highly professional consultant ensure that high ethical standards are maintained while offering an affordable and friendly service.

Live in any Italian City

Italian visa applications can be a challenging and stressful process for most clients. With our professionals on  field expertise and extensive knowledge of immigration processes, your  applications is tailored  to suit the individual requirements of each client. Our professional experts  provide all information up front, therefore making their  initial consultation clear and simple. Whether you want to live in Sorrento, Lucca, Viterbo, Rome , Milan ,Trapani, , Assisi, Florence etc. ours are  experts in providing their  immigration services online, efficiently and affordably.


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Skilled and Business Immigration

Our experts are Australian and Italian skilled or business advisers who qualify according to the standards and requirements detailed by Italian laws.They are highly experienced   immigration professionals with either legal or accounting and business  qualifications and backgrounds.

With their  assistance, immigration and relocation to Italy  can become a smooth process aimed at helping you realize your dream of living in Italy. The Italia-Australia Association recommends only Australian and Italian  immigration expert consultants, representing you through the entire Italian  immigration process.

Is your Italian  Immigration Consultant  Qualified?

It is very important that the immigration 

 lawyers you choose to represent you in this life changing process are registered and qualified by the Italian Lawyers Society , which is the only body that registers lawyers   in Italy. An Italian lawyer with the assistance of an Australian expert in Italy is  what you need to  find your way to enter and stay in Italy.

There is a range of different ways to stay longer in Italy.  There are many different visas, from the short term visitorís visa with no permission to work to student visa with permission to work, visas for business people and visas obtained through an Italian sponsor in business, industry, commerce.
Italia-Australia Association  is the only organisation in Italy with experts  based permanently in Italyand Australia combining years of experience and expertise in  Italian - Australian relations.
The Italia-Australia Association assists members to engage  consultants whose code of conduct ensures that  they will provide highly qualified, professional assistance to hit  target and  goal  with success in Italy.