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 Your Working Holiday Visa for Italy

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Purpose of the program

The Government of Australia and the Government of the Italian Republic in a spirit of promoting closer co-operation between Australia and Italy, desirous of provideing wider opportunities for citizens, particularly the youth of Italy and Australia, to appreciate the culture and general way of life ofthe other for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding between the respective countries.

Who is eligible?

The Australian citizen eligible for the grant of the Working Joliday Visa for Italy must:

be aged between 18 and 30 years at the time of application;
hold a valid Australian passport;
have no dependent children;
have not previously entered Italy on a Working Holiday Visa;
meet health and character requirements;
be in Australia at the time of visa application and  grant;
agree that the main reason for going to Italy is to holiday and any work should be incidental to supplement funds;
you will leave Italy at the end of the visa expiring date.

How do I apply?

Application for Working Holiday Visa for Italy can be lodged only in Australia at the Italian Embassy in Canberra or other Italian diplomatic or consular offices by Australian citizens who are ordinarily resident in Australia.

The limit imposed by Italy for the visa to be granted is of 1.500 per annum.

Is an interview necessary?

You may be interviewed  by representatives of the Italian Government in Australia so that the aim of the Working Holiday Visa program can be explained and assessment made of your likely contribution to the program.

Do I need a return ticket?

Yes, or be able to show that you have sufficient funds for a return or unward fare.  You may also be asked to provide evidence of sufficient funds for an inititial stage of your holiday. Evidence through bank statement or saving books or credit cards.

Do I need a medical examination?

All applicants are required to meet health criteria. Formal health examinations may be required in certain circumstances. Visa holders are covered by  Italian-Australian Governments reciprocal health care arrangement for the first six months of their stay in Italy. It is recommended that Australialn citizens take out, for the remaining period of their stay, medical insurance covering medical costs, pharmaceutical costs and hospitalisation costs in case of accident or disease.

Can I change to another visa?

Visas are issued only upon personal application to the Italian diplomatic office where you reside in Italia

For how long is the visa valid?

A working holiday Visa to Italy is valid for entry up to 3 months from the date of grant of visa and allows for a stay period of 12 months from the date of first entry.

Is there anything else I should know about  requirements on my arrival in Italy ?

Yes and the conditions are fairly stringent. Within 8 days of arrival in Italy, you must present your application for "permesso di soggiorno". See:
You should also consire applying for a the working permit.The wotk permit is issued by the Direzione Provinciale del Lavoro - Provincial Labour Office - which is a branch of the Ministry of Labour in each provincial city, competent for the area in which the work activities will be undertaken. The work permit will be issued withn 20 days from receipt of the application.   You may contact  a trade union office - Sindacato Lavoratori - of the city where you staying. They will be pleased to help you.

What are the work conditions?

The work permit will allow you to work for a maximum of six months  of the 12 months of the validity of the working holiday visa and no more that three months with the same employer. If you are found to be working beyond the approved period you will incur into the Italian Immigration Law  penalties  for which you may have your visa cancelled and be required to leave Italy, whilst your employer will be subject to penal and administrative sanctions.

How long are valid permit of stay and working permit ?

Any time that you change province of residence you have to aplly again for both. You have to report to the local Questura-Ufficio Stranieri -  and apply again  to the Provincial Labour Office.

Where can I get more information?

The Italian Embassy and consular offices in Australia should be able to give you all information you need to make the application for the Working Holiday Visa for Italy and how to apply to the Questura Ufficio Stranieri - and Provincial Labour Offices.

The Italia-Australia Association is the only private  organisation in Italy specialised on dealing with Australians since 1976. The Association is a great source of information and assistance to Australian citizens.          

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