Work permit

There are four stages involved in the Italian work authorization process that will form the basis of your
application. While the procedures vary from province to province.

The procedure for reaching the objective of getting a working visa for Italy is the following:

1. Application for work permit (Nulla Osta)
2. Application for employment visa
3. Execution of the contract of stay upon your arrival in Italy
4. Registration with the post office to obtain a Permit of Stay

1. Application for work permit

The Italian company  or person willing to employ an Australian citizen must file a work permit application
at the relevant immigration office (Prefecture’s Sportello Unico) in the province where the Italian company or person   has an office and is registered to do business or where  the employer resided  and where the applicant will work.

Work permits are usually approved for an initial maximum period of two years,
renewable for 2 more years, then an additional 1 year.

After the full 5 years, the applicant may be able
to be hired directly by the Italian company. or person without referring to the immigration authorities.

The timeline from the date of filing to the date of approval  is usually between 3 and 5 months.

This means that if you have arrived in Italy on a tourist visa, working holiday visa or student visa  before your work permit has been issued, you will need to leave Italy before your visa expires, return to Australia  and wait until your work permit is ready before you can re-enter Italy with the working visa.

Documents needed:
- Application for work permit (Nulla Osta)  to be signed by the Italian Company or person willing to employ you.
-  Italian tax stamp;
-Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce for the Italian company or certificate of residence of your employer in      case it is not a company or business concerned
- Letter from the  company or private employer  confirming the  employment  of the Australian person concerned
- Copy of the  employer identity document
- In some cases , Certificate of Good Standing of the employer when it is a private employer 
-  In some cases  university or study  diplomas or ceretificates , usually with  translation into Italian and legalization
   from the Italian Consulate or Italian Tribunal.
- Housing feasibility ceretificate (certificato idoneitŕ alloggiativa). This is  a certificate  is issued by the local town  hall   having jurisdiction over the area where you will reside in Italy. The certificate confirms that your employer has madeadequate lodging/accommodation arrangements for you  during your stay in Italy. When employed to work in a family it is the family employing you that must produce the documentation regarding your accommodation suitability.


2. Application for employment visa

Once your employer has had the  work permit is approved, the original work permit will be sent to you by  the Italian immigration office  (Prefecture's Sportello  Unico) through the  relevant  Italian Consulate in Australia  in the State or Territory where you have your residence in Australia.

At this stage you  will file an employment visa application at the Consulate in person within 120 days from the issuing date of the work permit.  You must be personally present in Australia, you must personally go to the Consulate office for  completing the relevant application form and providing supporting documentation. The visa is usually issued between 7 to 15 days depending on theConsulate’s workload at the time. The visa will also contain the tax file number.  Tax file number is important to have when lodging the request for Permit of Stay (Permesso di Soggiorno)

Documents needed:
The precise list varies according to rules and legislation the Italian governments are issueing therefore  you
must  ask  your Italian Consular office  which are the documents you must present , but  generally you need to present:
-The Original Work Permit (“Nulla Osta”) which is already lodget at the Consular office sent to them  from Italy          by the Prefecture's Sportello Unico
- Passport valid through entire stay in Italy  plus 6 months beyond anticipated stay in Italy with empty
page for visa·
- Visa application form;
- Visa fee in cash or money order;  The Italian Consular office will inform you of the fee to pay
- Passport size photo;
- International medical insurance;
- Travel ticket ;
- Proof of residency in Australia  that you in effect reside  within the jurisdiction of the Consulate (i.e., driver’s license  and/or tax returns).

3.  Contratto di Soggiorno and Permit of Staying Permesso di Soggiorno ( Residence Permit)

This is a procedure that normally is required only  in those cases when the employment in Italy concerns an Australian company relocating staff in Italy.

Within 8 working days of arrival in Italy with visa and work permit in hand, you and possibly a representative from the Italian employer will  have to go to the immigration office (Prefecture’s Office of the Italian city relevant to your employment - Sportello Unico - ) to sign a Contract of Stay (contratto di soggiorno).

In some cities, in order to sign the contract of stay a housing feasability is required.  This is a fee paid professional service.  But we can also suggest a  reliable government approved agencies specialised in assisting new settlers in Italy.

Once the contract of stay is signed, the immigration office will give you a form that you can use to apply for your
residence permit or “permesso di soggiorno.”

Documents needed for Execution of Contract of Stay:
- Power of Attorney in original signed by the legal representative of the Italian Company
appointing a third party to sign the Contract of Stay on his/her behalf;
-Copy of the Proxy’s passport or identification document.
- Italian tax stamp;
-The original work permit (“nulla osta”) plus a copy;
- Registered lease agreement or hotel reservation letter;
- Copy of the applicant's passport + copy of the visa obtained at the Consulate + copy of the
page with the entry stamp;
- In some cities, a Housing Feasibility Certificate or the receipt that the application was filed.

4. Registration with the Post Office for Permit of Stay (“Permesso di Soggiorno”)

This is the procedure required and  applicable to all cases of staying in Italy to work, study, and working holiday.

With the  application forms given by the Sportello Unico at the Post Office, you can immediately apply
for your residence permit.  Upon submitting the application, you will receive a receipt which serves as proof of submission. You will then receive by registered mail a request from the Questura (main police station) to submit passport-sized photographs
and for fingerprinting. Once the permit of Stay is approved, the Questura will again notify you to appear
to collect the Permit. The time from the filing of the application to issuance of the residence permit
varies from 3 months and longer, there have even been cases where the systems experienced heavy
backlogs and the permits were not issued for uo to 1 year.You must not leave Italy with just the
receipt and must wait until the actual residence permit is issued.

 Documents needed. These are the main documents requested as of January 2007:
-Application forms (given by Sportello Unico);
-Euro 75 in cash for Italian tax stamp and fees;
-Copy of Contract of Stay (“Contratto di Soggiorno”);
-Original passport to show, plus photocopy of  each page; and
- 4 passport size photos.
- Your tax number

Once a residence permit is issued, you have legal status in all respects. Additional steps can
be taken after declaration of residency with the local town hall for example in order to have full
access to the Italian health care system.  You must also seek advise  regarding the procedure for  your annual tax declaration. There is an agreement between Italy  and Australia to avoid double taxaction.


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